Drift Gas R&D 2011

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Group Members:

Ulrich Becker, Yuanhang Chang, Evan Fortunato, Rafael Dinner, Brian Smith, Teresa Fazio, Sebastian Franco, James Pate, Blake Stacey, K. Ensslin, K. Fidkowski, R. Henning, J. Kirchner, K. Rosera, J. Thompson, J. Wyatt

Senior members: C. Lapoint, S. Nahn, M. Sarakinos, B. Smith


Using MIT's 1938 cyclotron as a 0-2 Tesla magnet, our group characterizes gas mixtures for the design of drift and other gas detectors in different magnetic and electric fields.

Special mixtures can be studied on request. We are happy to provide these data if funds permitting. Please reference us with the proper date and web page.


This research was sponsored by the DOE under contract #DE-AC02-76-ER03069 until 2003.


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isobutane (iC4H10)
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hexane (C6H14)
heptane (C7H16)

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